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For over 10 years, we, Alan and Tina Louise Balodi, have created online games that entertained and added value to our web portal, UltimateArcadeInc.com and to our client’s web sites whom we created content for. These games and web sites came from our hearts and were designed to entertain while also helping companies increase their brand awareness and interact with their users.

Gabi and BellaOn May 6, 2004 and May 6, 2006, (planned by the Universe) we were blessed with 2 little girls, Isabella Sara and Gabrielle Alexa, who changed our lives and intentions forever. Our passions now also involve providing the best environment for our family and this includes being “mindful about products used in our home and on our bodies, the foods we eat, our health choices, and the needs of our planet.

During this time we have also learned about many companies that have the same universal concerns and are making a “mindful” choice everyday to create better and safer products for people, animals and the environment, while educating everyone of why these differences matter.

It was an obvious transition to apply our game development knowledge and love and passion for creative marketing now towards an industry that needs to get the message out about their services... and one beautiful day, we were guided to create, Conscious Arcade, Play With Purpose! The idea was to have so much fun, learn, and share our knowledge and spread these important messages!

Tina and Alan Balodi
The Balodi Family
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