Our Intention

Conscious Arcade’s intention is to blend our passion of game development and our talents, products, services and LOVE to assist in Global Awakening into The Golden Age. Some of our focus will include these areas:

Mindful Parenting
Crystal Healing
Mindful Relationships
Green ~ Eco-Friendly
Holistic Health
Wellness ~ Wellbeing
Organic Nutrition
Raising Mass Consciousness

We plan to accomplish this great task by: creating, publishing, and distributing online games, interactive marketing applications, Facebook, iPhone, iPad and mobile media applications. We intend to share our wisdom as we continue to expand our own awareness. 

We intend to align ourselves with many other amazing companies who are also effectively raising our world’s awareness. By shining a light on high vibration products and services, we can inspire our planet, our environment, our friends, our families, our children, and future generations to come.

Raising Mass Consciousness Through Online Entertainment

Help Earth

What is "Consciousness"?

The part of the human mind that is aware of the feelings, thoughts, and surroundings.

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